The organising and fundraising for such an important event and exhibition has taken many hours and much commitment from lots of folks... we want to pay tribute to them here.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Christine South our amazing Visual Arts student 2016 Grad Show coordinator. You were always one step ahead of every issue and always went above and beyond, we sincerely thank you for your tremendous hard work.

A special acknowledgement goes to our auction coordinator Philip Reuter for organising our amazing fundraising auction almost single-handedly, so many hours went into collecting, curating and running the auction. Thank you to Alison Brown, Bradley George, Andrew Clay, Kate Makin, Bernadette Banasik, Jessica Stanbridge and Isabella Levis for helping with the auction proceedings. We also acknowledge visual arts lecturer Teo Treloar for his wonderful auctioneering skills.

A huge thank you goes to our treasurer Nicole Thompson for being on top of our finances. We would like to thank our student events coordinator Kate Makin for the massive effort she put into organising our band nights, and Jessica Stanbridge for our amazing movie night.

A big thank you goes to Bernadette Banasik for securing the venue for our fundraising events. Thank you to Greer Harris for organising so many fundraising barbeques and Alison Brown, Jaime Fergusson and Hannah Mathiesen for cooking up a storm on the McKinnon Lawn. We would like to thank Caitlin Wilson, Gemma Lawless and Kate Makin for taking 120 photographic portraits for our catalogue and Tom Williams for fine-tuning our gorgeous lighting.

We would like to thank our sponsorship team, Hannah Truloff and Eloise Cleary for their hard work. Thank you to our secretaries, Bradley George and Isabella Levis, your input and advice at our meetings was invaluable.

We would like to show our appreciation to Amy Flanagan for teaming us up with the UOW Music Society to help raise much needed funds. We thank Kelly Nicholson and Gazi Faiyaz Hussain for organising the barbeque at the Innovation Campus and for rallying the media students. Thank you to Emily Gegg for her amazing work as the treasurer for media. We also thank all of the media students for adapting their works for the combined exhibition on main campus... totally amazing!

Thanks to our incredible design team who not only designed all of the fundraising event promotion but developed the name and branding for the exhibition. They carried this forward to our website, catalogue, promotional posters, invitations and signage. Thanks to Molly Bortolazzo for working across Visual Arts and Design and for your commitment to the early brand development and team spirit.

Huge acknowledgement and gratitude to Rebecca Tirronen and Kat Turner who developed the final OUT THERE branding, catalogue and multitude of design pieces needed to make us look SO professional. They both worked tirelessly to perfect the catalogue… it’s astounding, and for this we are truly grateful. Thanks to Kristian Bonitz for his tremendous work building the Grad Show website, we can always come back and remember! Special thanks to Yanni Moriatis for his wonderful job getting our portraits print ready! We also want to acknowledge Yanni Moriatis, Emily Esen, Laura Noonan, Molly Bortolazzo and Monique Davis who created the event posters to get us get to where we are now.

A huge thank you to our technical officers, Glenn Alexander, Didier Balez, Robyn Douglass, Simon Maberley and Tom Williams; many of our works would be incomplete if it wasn’t for your expertise. We express our deepest gratitude to Jacinta Landon and Tara Palajda for helping us with the technicalities of hosting such a large event. We thank you for your support and assistance throughout the year, you are a formidable and joyful team!

We acknowledge our Head of School, Professor Sarah Miller, whose fierce advocacy for the arts holds us steadily on course. Huge thank you to the lecturers who haved inspired and shaped our thinking and making: Dr Su Ballard, Vincent Bicego, Boni Cairncross, Colin Coakes, Dr Jon Cockburn, Gregor Cullen, Dr Grant Elmers, Dr Agnieszka Golda, Dr Penny Harris, Janys Hayes, Dr Kendal Heyes, Dr Gregory Hodge, Dr Richard Hook, Dr Lucas Ihlein, Garry Jones, Dr Madeleine Kelly, AP Derek Kreckler, Dr Joshua Lobb, Dr Jo Law, Angelina Marcon-Jones, Dr Christopher Moore, Dr Jacky Redgate, Mike Sarain, Jo Stirling, Teo Treloar, Etienne Deleflie, Mat Wall-Smith, Travis Wall and Kim Williams.

We would also like to thank our families and friends for their support and patience, we truly appreciate it.

Finally, we thank each and every student for contributing not only their time but also their finances. This show would not be possible without you.