Out there! So out there. Putting it out there. Being out there.

This year’s graduating students are brought together for their final exhibition as undergraduate students in Out There. Exhibiting together for the first time, students are drawn from the Bachelor of Creative Arts: Visual Arts, Graphic Design, and Visual Arts & Graphic Design (VAD) majors, as well as Media Arts students from the Bachelor of Digital Media and the Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies.

This exhibition represents the moment when students go from being ‘in here’ - that is within the structured and resourced environment of the University of Wollongong - to ‘out there’. In this context, ‘out there’ sees graduating students starting on the next big life adventure, and the realities of living and working as an artist, designer, creative professional or educator, or in any one of the myriad possibilities that an education in the contemporary arts and creative industries may open up for you.

We hope that you leave us confident in the broad spectrum of practical, critical, material and creative skills acquired through your degree, and in the support of your families, friends, teachers and peers. There are countless possibilities open to graduates equipped with the valuable skills and flexibility associated with your degrees, and we anticipate with pleasure your achievements in the coming years.

Putting your work Out There also provides a wonderful opportunity for the university and the broader community, as well as families and friends to experience the diversity of media and range of disciplines encompassed by this exhibition.

On behalf of the TAEM community of academics, technical and professional staff, it gives me great pleasure to congratulate you on your achievements to date, and look forward to what you do in the future. And remember, as Albert Einstein possibly once said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”.

Professor Sarah Miller
Head: School of the Arts, English and Media
Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts